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Professional Product Management Europe - Frankfurt: Give your products the greatest chance of success


Price: £1,595 (First Delegate Rate) £1,435 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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The truly excellent product manager must have a diverse range of skills at hand: a knowledge of end to end product management, marketing, finance, product technology and associated toolkit; the ability to influence the organisation; and the skills to communicate effectively with other departments and senior management.

As a product manager with a technical background in industrial, engineering or technical companies or with a commercial, sales, marketing, operational or other background, you will find this comprehensive course an essential tool in your professional development and probably the most relevant course of your career. You will learn how to implement process, methods  and tools improvements that will have an immediate impact on your product performance.  Ultimately, you will be able to define and develop new products and manage them with the best chance of success.

Workshop Objectives

All attendees should:

  • Understand Principles and Practices of Product Management
  • Become exposed to the  framework of processes and tools for end to end Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)
  • Explore Roles and Responsibilities of Product Management
  • Understand the importance of having a good knowledge of Customers’ current and future needs
  • Understand the importance of having a good knowledge of Competitors and Competitive Products (current and future)
  • Understand how to generate compelling Customer Product Value Propositions
  • Understand some of the methods and tools relating to Product Portfolio Strategy
  • Be introduced to Product Launch and Introduction process and tools  and begin to apply them appropriately for their own situation
  • Be introduced to the process and tools for Product Replacement/ Phase Out
  • Be introduced to In Life Product Management and Marketing process and tools.
  • Be introduced to a Toolkit for Product Life Cycle Management to maximise profit.

Who will the Workshop benefit?

Managers who need to develop strategic and tactical plans to improve the competitive position of their products and markets including: Product Managers with a technical or technology background or commercial background, Marketing & Sales Managers, Business Development Managers, Market Research Managers, R&D Managers, Research Analysts and others involved in the life cycle of products.


Mike Henry

Mike Henry has experience in all aspects of Global Product Management and Product Development, was educated as an Electronic and Software Engineer and has worked with organizations including: Xerox, Fuji Film Electronic Imaging (FFEI), McDonnell Douglas Information systems as well as numerous other companies in electronics, manufacturing, telecoms, engineering, financial services, information systems and software.

Mike helps organisations implement practical processes, methods and tools and provides skills development and learning in the area of Product Management in the UK and Internationally with Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) focused organisations.

He is involved in “In-Company” as well as public scheduled training courses which include stimulating, motivating and humorous interactive presentations sessions interspersed with practical breakout sessions to discuss, use and implement product management tools and processes. Mike’s courses are rated highly by participants.

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