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Leading a Virtual and Remote Team - London: Excellence in remote working and distance management


Price: £1,165 (First Delegate Rate) £995 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Many organisations are switching to remote working as part of a deliberate strategy to cut costs and focus on customer related activities. This brings with it, far greater employee responsibility, empowerment and personal development. Successful models of distance managing demonstrate the need for a clearer understanding of the issues as well as a properly thought out communication strategy.

This 2-day workshop has been designed to help managers adapt to remote working and distance managing.

Workshop Objectives

  • The differences of co-located working and remote working
  • The 7 competencies of distance managers
  • Understand the diverse characteristics of remote teams
  • Explore the impact of remote working on performance
  • Sustain personal effectiveness and productivity
  • Adjust to working based on trust and interdependence
  • Motivate remote workers
  • Develop trust through improved face to face communication
  • How to run effective team briefings and meetings
  • Managing change, stress and anxiety

Who Will the Workshop Benefit?

Designed specifically for anyone managing or about to manage a remote or virtual team, including line and project managers.


Robert Hersowitz

Robert has established an international reputation as a management and development consultant. His career to date spans 16 years designing and delivering programmes and workshops to a wide variety of organisations in Europe, the USA and Africa. His expertise is broadly based, working with middle and senior management in the private and public sectors. Recently he contributed two chapters on virtual teams and self managing teams to a highly acclaimed book Kaizen Strategies for Improving Team Performance.

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