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3 Day MBA - Paris: Managing with Strategic Vision - Master the strategic aspects and functions of business


Price: £1,595 (First Delegate Rate) £1,445 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Are you a good operational manger but don’t feel as confident as you should about yourself because of gaps in your overall strategic business perspective? Do you feel you are being hindered in your advancement up the corporate ladder? Are you newly appointed to a more challenging role and now need a deeper understanding and insight into strategic business issues?

Then, this three-day MBA is just for you! Specially designed for the busy manager who wants to get ahead in their career and who needs to get to grips with a business programme in a time and cost effective manner.  This workshop is designed to give you a thorough overview of the strategic aspects of business and the way that each function interlinks; planning the business (strategic thinking); doing the business (operations management); managing the business (people and resources); marketing the business; financing the business and managing change.

Workshop Objectives

  • Create and assess strategic options using a practical strategic tool set
  • Understand implications, restrictions and attractiveness to help you make the right strategic decision
  • Understand the strategic function of marketing, leading to
  • Knowing how to become a customer-centric organisation, and
  • Applying a market-led mindset
  • Manage costs strategically and operationally
  • Use a variety of management tools and techniques to manage people and resources
  • Manage change and motivate others to follow your lead
  • Balance long-term vs. short-term goals
  • Understand what to prioritise, implement and manage

Who will the Workshop benefit?

This worskhop is designed for ambitious managers and especially those who are now facing more challenging roles.  It is suitable for those who have changed industry and need to think about the challenges facing their new market place. It will be of particular benefit to busy managers who want to gain a good understanding of the strategic aspects of management, whilst giving an overview of business procedures and their interconnectivity.


Dr Debby Swallow

Dr Debby Swallow is a business woman and entrepreneur. Since 1990, she has spent her time mastering the challenge of change, transition and growth – at warp-speed – to help her own companies and others combat a rapidly changing and increasingly globalised commercial world.  She was one of the first women to be appointed to the Board of a Government TEC in the 90s and helped set up the Business Link organisation in Essex.

As a consultant and trainer, Debby has the ability to pass on the theory and substance of her academic training, along with a depth of understanding and insight, to busy executives in a way that meets their understanding and needs for the challenge of today’s business environment.

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