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Energizing Leadership to Drive Business Transformation

Posted By Sankara Narayanan Venkataramani, June 07, 2016 at 1:27 PM, in Category: Next-Generation Leadership and the Changing Workforce

Lowinn.jpgSince 1950, 88% of all Fortune 500 companies have disappeared, victims of competitive challenges that they did not anticipate or respond to. Today, the transition to Manufacturing 4.0 is likely to prove rewarding for some manufacturers and cataclysmic for others. As a result manufacturing leaders now more than ever must take care to build and properly guide their own “personal energy capacity” in order to drive new business model and organizational transformation, said Lowinn Kibbey, Global Head of Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute, speaking today at the 12th annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit in Carlsbad, CA.

Kibbey told manufacturing leaders attending the ML Summit that they must focus on themselves first by implementing approaches that will allow them to energize their organizations and build personal resilience. Today’s leadership, he said, is not just about adopting and integrating new technologies to drive business transformation. It is all about being personally ready to drive and achieve the business transformation that leaders set out to effect.

In order to effectively engage teams, Kibbey said, leaders must work at being fully present in all meetings and conversations. But, unfortunately, too many leaders today are pulled in too many directions at once. In fact, when Kibbey asked how many in the session had to get back to work after previous night’s dinner, take conference calls, and check emails before and during the session, more than 60% raised their hand.

With leaders needing to make bold and tough decisions regarding vision, strategy, alignment, execution, and culture, what should they do to build energy? Kibbey advised a four-dimensional approach: spiritual (force), mental (focus), emotional (quality) and physical (quantity) energy. Each of these dimensions works together and, most importantly, they must be holistically connected at work and at home to enable leaders to drive transformation, Kibbey said.

The key element in the physical dimension, said Kibbey, is proper rest, particularly for leaders guiding manufacturing organizations. A simple seven-minute workout or a 90-second meditation can help leaders to get ready for the next meeting.
It is OK for leaders to be selfish and think for a minute about how their energy is being used to lead transformation. If it is not informed with the proper focus, purpose, quality, and quantity it is highly unlikely that today’s leadership is going to be the catalysts of change that is required to enable their employees to retain their jobs or shareholders to receive acceptable returns, Kibbey said.

Today’s leaders certainly cannot create time but, as the law of conservation of energy states, energy can be transformed from one form to another.

Written by Sankara Narayanan Venkataramani

Sankara is a Senior Industry Analyst with the Manufacturing Leadership Council

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I take the authors point that "leaders must work at being fully present in all meetings and conversations." Many do have too much on their plate. A very effective way to deal with this, as well as the generally low level of employee engagement at most companies is to make the economics of the business transparent, and engaging the employees as partners in the business, helping the company to make more money.
This recent Forbes article and
Supporting this is engaging employees in how the company makes money, the point of this Forbes article and the subsequent Manufacturing Leadership article:
This approach will improve business performance and assuredly provide for more restful nights for business leaders.
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